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Benefit from the new and improved Dynamicweb 8.6.1

Benefit from new Ecommerce and Content features, as well improvements to existing capabilities.

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Is your website ready for April 21?

All that talk about mobile friendliness and new Google search rankings probably makes you wonder if your website is mobile friendly, and how it performs on different platforms.

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New Google requirements to mobile-friendliness

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21 2015.

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Avoid Business Overexpansion: Will Glitter Bomb…bomb?

It started with a simple prank idea: send a glitter-filled envelope to someone you hate and rejoice as their clothing and furniture are coated with sparkles. Throw in a reasonably-priced ser...

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New Google algorithm, part 3: The Fast & Friendliest

In our previous blogs covering the latest Google update, we stressed the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. “Mobile friendliness” is how Google now assess your webpages and assigns...

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New Google algorithm, part 2: Gain a Mobile Advantage

With the prevalence of mobile search, mobile research, and mobile commerce, Google’s new algorithm update is designed to ensure that its users receive a return of high-quality mobile experie...

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