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Is your website ready for April 21?

All that talk about mobile friendliness and new Google search rankings probably makes you wonder if your website is mobile friendly, and how it performs on different platforms.

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New Google requirements to mobile-friendliness

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21 2015.

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New partnership between skyPIM and Dynamicweb

skyPIM and Dynamicweb combine ecommerce and product information management at your fingertips into an all in one platform delivering a strong competitive advantage to every customer.

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Beat Your Business Competitors with a Good User Experience

Despite more data being used nowadays to identify consumer preferences, companies are still losing out on a whole lot of potential revenue when their customers switch to other brands or serv...

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Multichannel e-Commerce: Smartphone, Tablet, PC

While your customers swim from smartphone to tablet to desktop PC and back again, you might view this as several different channels. And understandably so. After all, the cookies saved on on...

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Great Opportunities for Personalizing Your Ecommerce

It comes as no surprise that online customers want to be treated with the same respect of individuality that offline customers get. But how do you, as an eBusiness, treat the customer as uni...

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